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CeMAP training is essential for a career in the mortgage industry. It is vital to have the best available CeMAP training and support to achieve success in the examinations. The CeMAP exams are comprehensive and broad ranging, and the CeMAP training provided by the Herne Group is derived from the official Institute of Financial Services (IFS) material and is very easily understood. The Herne Group CeMAP training materials provide a structured process for the training together with essential advice and tips on examination techniques to give you the best opportunity to pass your CeMAP examinations.

New Site Launch: The brand new Herne Group Small Business Resource is now live on a separate, dedicated, high-capacity server at www.freetrainingdirect.com. Click on the following link for free business skills training, personal development training, business resources and much, much more - click on the link above to access this massive free resource today.

At The Herne Group we recognise that personal development is the key to success on all levels, whether in large multinational PLC companies or in small businesses, training is a major factor on determining success. Our training courses are designed from the outset to give you the practical skills you require to run your business. All of our courses are delivered by experienced trainers who have also been successful business managers in their own right. This means that they have all had a vast amount of experience in business – they are not just theoretical trainers.

Our goal is to produce a measurable improvement in the performance of your staff, management, or yourself, an improvement that will show results on your bottom line, in your staff retention, and in your quality of life.

Training is an investment in the future – invest wisely with The Herne Group.

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